How will life be in 2050?

The future might be unknown but we can certainly predict and expect certain things about the future, and hope that it is better than the present.


Futurologists predict that everything from technology to entertainment will be very different in 2050. Television channels will disappear. A computer will send the programmes, that people will select from a menu, directly to the television. By 2050, films, programmes, music, newspaper and books will reach us directly through our computer.


'Holographic Feedback TV' will be launched by then, holograms are pictures that have height, width and depth. By 2050, we will not only be able to see but also smell and touch things on television.


On the flip side, water will be one of the most serious problem that we will face. The demand for water will increase by ten times compared to today, leading to a serious shortage. Some futurologists predict water to be the reason of war.


As far as transportation is concerned, cars will run on new, cleaner fuels and will have computers to control speed and avoid major accidents. Space planes will take us halfway around the world in just two hours.


By 2050, we will see robots, not only in factories but also in schools, offices, hospitals, shops and homes, basically everywhere.


Medical technology will cure more diseases. Blind and deaf people will be able to see and hear again. Since scientists have discovered how to control genes, they will be able to create clones of people whose look, behavior and intelligence level can be decided.

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